WooCommerce: why is it the best option for online stores?

Woocommerce Why Is It The Best Option For Online Stores

Gone are the times where shopping meant moving from home or office to the store, thanks to the internet today it is possible to buy products without having to go out. This is possible with online stores, but this has not only benefited buyers, it has also become a very good option to start entrepreneurs. If you have decided to have your own online store, you have surely heard about platforms such as: WooCommerce, shopify, magento and prestashop, but which of these is the best option to start? We lean more towards WooCommerce, we tell you why!

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My online store does not sell. What can I do?

My Online Store Does Not Sell. What Can I Do

One of the best ways to do business is through an online store. This type of sales has been the beginning of the journey for many entrepreneurs, but all business owners face having to develop and apply different strategies to achieve success; although it is not always positive. Perhaps many times you have affirmed “my online store does not sell”, because everyone at some point can go through a period of low demand. The important thing here is to turn the matter around and ask yourself what can you do to increase sales?

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7 reasons why you should have an online store

7 Reasons Why You Should Have An Online Store

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives and having an online store has become very common. Even for large brands that have physical stores, as both forms of commerce are compatible. If you have a secure business, you have also thought about taking it to a digital field. This in order to increase your sales and reach more consumers. And you are correct, the possibilities of sale online increase by having a web space.

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Online stores: what they are and why you should buy online

Online Stores What They Are And Why You Should Buy Online

Today, online stores have become the favorite way to buy for most of us. The internet has changed our day to day and this includes the way we used to do many things, including shopping. Surely more than once you have preferred electronic stores over physical stores. This has its reason: it is due to the simple fact of all the comfort they offer, from the moment you make the purchase until you receive it. But what exactly is an online store?
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