E-Commerce and its impact on the world

E Commerce And Its Impact On The World

Today the term e-commerce or electronic commerce is not unknown. The truth is that it has been giving something to talk about for some years thanks to the great results it has provided to different companies around the world. In fact, as time goes by, new tools and technological platforms are being used for the innovation of this service. In this post we will talk about electronic commerce: what has been its impact on the world.

E-commerce: what has been its impact on the world

Let’s talk about e-commerce: what has been its impact on the world, but starting by naming each of the five types of CE that exist today.

Types of e-commerce

Below we show you each of the existing e-commerce businesses.

B2B e-commerce

B2B e-commerce or business to business is that type of commerce that carries out different commercial transactions between the different companies that operate in the world of the internet. Here the common consumer does not intervene at all. If you have your own company, you cannot miss the opportunity to negotiate with others through digital platforms.

B2C e-commerce

The B2C or business to consumer is undoubtedly the one that everyone knows. It refers to the type of trade that takes place between a virtual store and the common consumer. Generally, it is about the purchase of goods and services. If you have thought about having your own e-commerce this will be the type of electronic commerce that you will use constantly. Here the benefits are unlimited.

B2E e-commerce

The B2E or business to employee is one that is carried out between the employing company and its employees. Here, as a company, you offer various offers or additional benefits for your employees to achieve or achieve a sales goal. This allows your employees to have a better job performance and to enter the competitive world. If you have your own company, it is time to create strategies that revitalize your employees and motivate them to generate more sales with this strategy.

C2C e-commerce

The C2C or consumer to comsumer is an evolution of what we used to know as a garage sale. Here, normal consumers buy products from other consumers who are looking to get rid of everything that they no longer use but that has some kind of quantifiable value by selling it on the internet. It is very likely that without knowing it you have already ventured into this type of trade. Wait no more, look for everything you want to sell and start making yourself known using electronic commerce.

G2C e-commerce

The G2C or goverment to consumer is more oriented to all those citizens who carry out online transactions on government digital portals. Obviously it is considered a type of e-commerce but we know that this is not what you are looking for.


Growth of electronic commerce in the world

It is important that we go by statistics to see that this really works. So in this post on E-commerce: what has been its impact on the world, we quote them.

According to figures issued by the global B2C E-commerce, the European commerce that has ventured into electronic commerce has achieved profits that exceed 482.3 billion dollars. Of course, the United States and Canada are not far behind, managing to exceed 452 billion dollars. But, nothing compares with the Asian market, which in 2013 alone rose to 567 billion dollars. And of course, finally, there is Latin America that, although it is lagging somewhat, has already obtained 33.2 billion dollars in this type of business. ComScore states that seven out of ten Latino consumers purchase products online weekly.

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