Why has Landing Page creation become so popular?

Why Has Landing Page Creation Become So Popular

A landing page originally arose from the need to create a section within a website in order for this to be a destination page for advertising campaigns.

How does a landing page work?

The correct flow or ideal mechanics to make use of a landing page is that users first see an advertisement in any medium, be it social networks, a brochure, a cost-per-click campaign, a Qr code, a radio ad. or television etc.

After this, the user will land on the landing page where he will find more detailed information about the ad that he previously viewed along with a promotion, benefits, information that generates confidence about the product or service such as testimonials along with various ways to contact the company. These contact methods can be a contact form, an email address, a virtual chat, a phone call, an online sale, a subscription, a Facebook message or a WhatsApp message, among others.

All this in order to generate a Lead that will put us in direct contact with the client that we know is already interested in what he saw in the ad and on the Landing Page.

What other functions can a Landing Page have?

At the end of the day, a Landing Page does not stop being a website, for example, if your website is mysite.com and you only have that section, it can be used as a Landing Page or as your website.

It can be used as your business card without the need for advertising, but obviously the use of advertising will give your website more strength.

For companies that are just starting out on the internet or that do not have a lot of budget or information to show, a landing page can be an excellent option. Even if it does not have advertising, we can say that your website can be a One Page with relevant information about the services it offers or the products it sells, but not exactly a Landing Page, but it sounds better and it has become more popular to use the term Landing Page as a simple website.

What is the difference between a Landing Page and a Website?

A Landing Page is a simple page in content but, for that reason, it does not have to be underestimated in terms of cost. We cannot ignore that a website must meet all the requirements of the landing page. It must show attractive information to try to captivate, it must show us trust and it must have contact information and calls to action.

So the main difference against a more complex website is going to be the amount of content it can have and the internal sections it has. Technically, a website is all the content of, for example, mysite.com, which includes all the internal sections it may have, but a Landing Page can be considered as an internal section within that website, for example, mysite.com/landing.

A landing page is not a template (at least we at Phase One Design do not work like that) and like any website, it must have relevant content about the company or about the objective that is intended with the web page and each design must be customized according to customer needs.

With a Landing Page can I already have many sales?

Like any business that is starting, advertising is very important, your business needs to make itself known, and present your services or products to your future clients.

You can have a spectacular website with the best offers on the market, but if nobody knows that you exist, it is useless. It is very important to have advertising of any kind, whether digital or conventional.

Our recommendation, depending on the type of product or service, is to use Google Ads or Social Networks (in paid mode). But it is necessary to have publicity if you really want to be successful in the short term.


A Landing Page can be considered by many companies that are dedicated to web design and development as a simple web page designed in One Page. It is not wrong to give it that concept because it is a simple website focused mainly on a service or product.

But it could be complemented and reached its correct use if it were based on the fact that this Landing Page is going to be supported by an advertising campaign so that later, when the client enters the Landing Page, they can know what we offer in detail, we convince them and we can generate a Lead.

The Landing Page is undoubtedly a good option for someone who wants to have a simple website, as if it were a business card on the internet and who does not have much information to present. It is something quick and practical, but that does not mean it should be cheap, although in the end the cost is determined by quality and customer service.

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