WooCommerce: why is it the best option for online stores?

Woocommerce Why Is It The Best Option For Online Stores

Gone are the times where shopping meant moving from home or office to the store, thanks to the internet today it is possible to buy products without having to go out. This is possible with online stores, but this has not only benefited buyers, it has also become a very good option to start entrepreneurs. If you have decided to have your own online store, you have surely heard about platforms such as: WooCommerce, shopify, magento and prestashop, but which of these is the best option to start? We lean more towards WooCommerce, we tell you why!

What is WooCommerce?

In terms of options for creating web pages, WordPress currently leads on all platforms. This is mainly due to its simple and intuitive use and above all to the multiple options it offers. Including plugins that allow you to customize and achieve better results depending on the website you have. WooCommerce is ideal in the case of online stores.

It is an e-commerce plugin that can be integrated into your page through WordPress and with which you can sell anything with an optimal design. Did you know that WooCommerce is the favorite option for many? It currently manages more than 30% of online stores because among the many advantages it has, it offers total control to store owners and developers.

What are the advantages of using WooCommerce?

  • First of all, with WooCommerce you can sell the products you want and how you want. The possibilities are vast. Including physical or digital products such as software or applications.
  • You can offer memberships, reservations, subscriptions and even discounts for your customers. You can also sell gift cards and product packs.
  • With it you can establish if the shipments are free or paid.
  • Limit shipments to specific countries or enable them to be available anywhere in the world. You can also adjust shipping rates and taxes.
  • The amount of products and categories that you can publish are unlimited.
  • You can integrate various payment options to accept the main credit cards, PayPal and also bank transfers. If you want more options, there are many more platforms that integrate with WooCommerce, including Amazon.
  • It allows you complete control over your store, since you can see the taxes, the accounts you have with customers and even the inventory.
  • It adapts very well to all devices for both the desktop version and for mobiles and tablets, this provides a wider scope since most of the users use mobile devices to surf the internet.
  • You have hundreds of extensions available.
  • It is open source, that is, you can modify your store freely and without limitations.
  • It has many designs so you can choose the one that best suits you.
  • By working with WordPress, WooCommerce offers you more options in terms of SEO optimization of your website. This will help you to have a better search engine positioning.

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