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We create digital marketing strategies that seduce and convince your audience.

The main objective of a digital marketing campaign is to generate advertising strategies in the various media and internet channels, with amazing growth results.

If the strategy and segmentation are well implemented, you will bring relevant traffic to your website with a greater opportunity to convert it into customers.

We help you study and understand each of the digital marketing tools and find the one that best suits the needs of your company.

Digital Marketing Strategy


Define the target

When defining a strategy, it is essential to define objectives that allow us to control and measure that strategy.

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Measurement and evaluation

Any successful digital marketing strategy must be measurable in order to be constantly improved. The evaluation is done together with the client to determine the direction of the campaign.



We make decisions based on analytics to optimize and improve the performance of the strategy until we find a balance point where the client sees favorable results.

Your website must be your best seller, we take care of achieving that goal.


Digital Marketing Services
for your business

Google Ads
Campañas De Google Phase One Design

Google Ads


Why does your business need a Google Ads campaign? It can benefit you a lot. Increase your sales immediately, generate leads or increase traffic to your website, are some of the benefits.

With a successful campaign you will be able to appear in the first search results, provide valuable information to potential clients and have high quality levels to reduce costs per click.

We are the best option to carry out a successful Google Ads campaign. If you already have one and need to improve it, we are here, and if you need to create one from scratch, we are also here. We work under the following strategy:

  • Quality keyword research
  • Relevant and attractive ads
  • Campaign analysis and improvement
  • Analytical results
Facebook Ads
Campaña De Facebook Ads Phase One Design

Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads is the paid advertising service that allows you to deliver ads to users based primarily on their interests.

It can be very useful when we want to generate branding, when we want to do remarketing or when we want to generate more traffic towards a stated objective such as a Facebook page, a website, a contact form, etc.

This type of advertising can be used when you want your ad to reach a large number of users segmented and filtered according to the desired objective in the advertising campaign.

Social networks
Manejo De Redes Sociales Phase One Design

Social Networks


Did you know that 46% of internet users look at social networks when they make a purchase? Your company needs to be on social media to find its community.

It is also very important to properly manage your social networks. Providing personalized attention to your clients almost immediately is essential. As well as solving their doubts, informing them about any news, product launch, promotions, holding events, etc.

Your customers and followers are looking for you, we create your page on social networks. We will take care of managing your community so that it grows exponentially, we will make valuable publications at the right time and we will find your future clients.

Google Merchant Center
Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center


The Google Merchant Center advertising service allows you to link the products of an online store in Google search results.

With this type of advertising you can show your products under certain words that are related to your product. The image of the product, the name and its price will be displayed along with other products related to yours.

It is very useful when we have a product at a competitive price or when the image of the product sells itself since it depends more on the user’s taste and their desire to purchase the product.

It is undoubtedly a very useful digital marketing tool in these times where e-commerce is having a very important boost globally.

In order to offer you this service it is necessary that you have an online store, if you do not have one, we can create your online store.


Our recommendation in digital marketing

This is the most effective combination we have if you need immediate results at an affordable cost. It consists of a strategy where we develop your landing page and then design a Google Ads campaign which will be optimized for 3 months.

It is very important to have a digital marketing strategy. You can have a spectacular, attractive, convincing website, etc. But if you don’t have visitors, that page will have been of no use. We will recommend the best strategy that suits your business.

Landing Page

  • One section.
  • It serves as a landing page for advertising campaigns.
  • Information necessary to generate actions.
  • Cheaper than a full website.

Google Ads

  • An advertising campaign.
  • Immediate results in lead generation.
  • First page of Google results.
  • 3 months of optimization.

Learn more about Digital Marketing

What are digital marketing services for?

They serve to give the necessary diffusion to your website, your social networks or any digital profile. There are various digital marketing services but the main ones are the web pages themselves, social networks, CPC advertising campaigns such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, there is also content marketing and email marketing whose main objective is to attract traffic towards our website or inform users about any relevant news that is attractive to them.

Which of all the digital marketing services is ideal for my business?

Without a doubt, the main and essential first step is to start with the design of a web page that will become your digital card presentation. After that, depending on your objectives and financial resources, you can opt for an advertising campaign in Google Ads or Facebook Ads. However, content marketing strategies despite being slow are undoubtedly an excellent long-term investment to position your website in the main search results organically.

How long is the ideal time for any of the digital marketing services to have the desired effect?

It mainly depends on the strategy and how well or badly the campaign has been done. An organic positioning strategy for content or inbound marketing can be long and will depend on factors such as the relevance of the content to the user and the quality of the content. But it is a strategy that will give you many benefits in the medium and long term. On the other hand, CPC campaigns (cost per click) or paid ads is immediate if implemented correctly. That is, you can immediately attract traffic to your website, business or social networks.

The important thing in CPC campaigns is analytics and optimization, which is usually a 3-month process in which the campaign must be optimized to achieve higher performance based on the analysis of the analytics collected during that time.

Why is it important to optimize digital marketing campaigns?

The phrase "what is not measured cannot be improved", refers to the fact that it is necessary to evaluate and analyze the information that our advertising campaign is generating in order to optimize it to the point that we obtain the best results, both in terms of scope and fulfillment of objectives, as well as making our budget work and reducing campaign costs.

A well-optimized advertising campaign will achieve more leads and reduce costs.

How much does it cost to implement a digital marketing campaign?

It depends on the digital marketing service you have implemented but normally you will have to pay two things which are the fees of the digital marketing professional and also the advertising investment in Google Ads or Facebook Ads so that your ads can be displayed. This investment may vary, it depends on your budget and the position in which you want to appear in the advertising spaces.

SEO Vs SEM, What is the best digital marketing strategy?

Both are very important and very different strategies that you should consider carrying out. SEO requires time and content marketing strategies and SEM is immediate but it is paid for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads and for the digital marketing professional.

At Phase One Design we choose both ways to obtain immediate results with SEM and to generate our organic positioning in the medium-long term. Depending on the objective of your digital project, you can select one of the two or both that would be ideal.

What happens if I don't implement any of the digital marketing services?

Imagine the following, you have a unique product or service that is going to revolutionize the world and it is going to be a total success, but only you know about it, only you know your product, so what if no one finds out or knows about your product ? Well, simple, from being something incredible, it becomes something that would have been incredible if the world had known it but as failure was never made known.

The same thing happens with a website, you can have a spectacular, attractive, convincing website, etc. But if you don't have visits, if you don't generate traffic to your website, you become one of the more than 16 billion websites in the world. Both digital and traditional marketing are essential for a business to be successful.

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