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These days online stores have become the favorite means of shopping for most of us.

Never before has it been so easy and profitable to start an online business. With the creation of online stores on the rise, competition becomes greater day by day. E-Commerce sells trillions of dollars a year globally and is a trend with no expiration date.

The investment is minimal and the market is as wide as you propose, supported by a good strategy of Digital Marketing your profitability will be higher.

Benefits of an online store


Open 24/7 all year

Most people's working hours coincide with business hours. Sometimes you could lose customers because they cannot reach your store due to lack of time. With the online store you are available to all of them at any time of day.


Minimum expenses

You do not have to pay rent, services, staff, etc. In comparison, the price of web maintenance is still very profitable for your pocket. So if you're starting out, it's a great way to start.

Online Payment

No geographic limitations

The Internet has international reach. If, for example, you only have a physical store, your buyers will be the same as those in the region. With an online store you can reach the whole world, which will increase sales and improve the reach of your products.

The Internet has changed our day to day and this includes the way we used to do many things, including shopping.
E-Commerce is the business of the 21st century.


E-Commerce Solutions
that will lead you to success

Online Store
Creación de tienda online

Online Store Design


We design and develop an online store that meets all the essential requirements so that the only thing you care about is managing and selling.

With this proposal you will have your own space on the internet where you can show your business information along with the products you want to sell.

Through a training that Phase One Design will give you, you will have the possibility to manage your products and your orders. The use of the online store is very simple and easy to understand, we take care of doing all the necessary configuration and customization such as payment methods and shipping.

It is a complete proposal in e-commerce that meets all the characteristics of a professional online store.

Product catalog
Catalogo Digital De Productos Phase One Design

Digital Product


This e-commerce proposal is ideal for companies that want to show their products with detailed information but without the user being able to make the purchase of the product on the website.

The user requests product quotes from the company using a form that the system automatically generates as a list with the products that the client wishes to quote. In this way, the company can contact the customer directly to make the sale personally.

It is ideal for companies that are wholesalers, for companies whose strength is the work of selling directly with the client, for rare products and of a high cost and in general it is an excellent way to show the world what your company does and that way, having the possibility of establishing commercial relationships thanks to the digital catalog.

Landing Page + E-commerce
Landing Page + E Commerce Phase One Design

Landing Page +


Many times we just want a website where we can sell our products and receive payments directly on our website, that’s it. It is not always necessary to have a robust online store with a large number of products.

This is a solution for those entrepreneurs who want to have their own space on the internet where they can talk a little about their company, the benefits of their products and sell them directly. In short, we combine the characteristics of a Landing Page with the main function of an online store, which is to sell but on a smaller scale.

Ideal for companies that want something simple, with few products and want to start selling online.


All our online store plans include:

Various payment methods

We implement various forms of payment to make it easier for the user to complete the purchase. Payments can be direct with credit or debit card, payments in affiliated stores, Paypal, Mercadopago, Stripe, bank transfers, etc.

Self-managing Store

Management of products and orders in the store, this includes registering new products, managing stock, adding information (text and multimedia), eliminating products, etc.

Shipping settings

We configure the shipping methods that you have selected according to the rules that you establish. For example free shipping on purchases greater than x quantity, custom shipping cost for a specific region, specific shipping cost for certain products, etc.

Product customization

We help you establish the personalization parameters of the products or specific characteristics of your products. For example, a product can be customized by color, by material, by design, etc. And the specific characteristics of the product can be its size, its weight, special functions, its brand, etc.

Video Tutorial or Training

We offer exclusive training on the use of the online store, which by the way is very friendly and easy to understand. Or we can also offer you a video tutorial explaining how the platform works.

Product registration

We help you to register your first products so when you start with the page you can start selling, later you can manage all the products you want.

Google Analytics integration

It is very important to have various tools that help us enhance our website, one of them is Google Analytics, which allows us to measure absolutely everything that happens on our website. All metrics such as most visited pages, terms by which people search our website, where our visits come from, etc. All these metrics are very important to make decisions and establish marketing strategies that help us improve our website.

Various means of contact

In our web page designs we seek that users generate an action within it, that is why it is very important to make available to the user as many forms of communication so that they can achieve the lead, some of the most used today are:

  • Direct links to phone calls.
  • Links to social networks.
  • Contact forms.
  • Integration of Google Maps to our store or office.
  • WhatsApp button.
  • Online chat


We offer Warranty on our web page designs for 2 years. Either it does not work correctly or in a matter of updating the functions with which the web page was developed.

Diversos Metodos De Pago Diseño Web


Distance is not an excuse, for this reason we carry out projects worldwide and without borders, accepting multiple payment methods, whether they are cash payments, credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.


We create online stores that generate sales

We design and develop online stores ready to start selling. You only have to worry about managing the page as if you were selling in a physical store.

We strongly recommend that you implement a digital marketing strategy so that you can advertise your store. It is the same when you have a new physical store, you need to spread it to attract customers and generate sales.

We have the pleasure of working with clients who have achieved success with their online store, you can be one of them, we will advise you to achieve it.


We create online stores that generate sales


Learn more about an online store

What products can I sell on the internet by creating an online store?

Practically what you can imagine, from products, services, real estate, courses, consultancies, second-hand products, food, intangible products such as photographs, videos, music, etc. The important thing is to establish a correct e-commerce strategy to ensure that what you want to sell reaches all your potential buyers.

What do I need to sell online?

There are many ways to sell online, you can do it from social networks, in a Marketplace or by creating an online store. The more places of sale you have, the more options you will have for users to know your products.

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. We advise you to decide which is the best for you.

What advantages does the creation of an online store have of selling online?

There are many advantages that you will have with your own online store but two of the main ones are the growth in SEO and the other would be the sales commissions. By having your online store you can create more content related to your products which will help the positioning of your website. Regarding sales commissions, they are much lower than with a Marketplace. These days there are various forms of payment to facilitate sales to your users.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

Each company has its own costs, in Phase One Design we do not have a fixed cost because each project has its own characteristics that range from the number of products, the payment methods to select, specific functions of the store, etc. There are so many possibilities when creating an online store that the price can only be determined once the project requirements are met.

We will advise you so that your online store has the necessary requirements according to your needs and your objectives.

Shopping cart, virtual store, online store, what is the difference?

We could say that they are all the same. It is a website whose function is to be able to carry out transactions directly on the website using various forms of payment and security protocols.

You can have a website in wordpress and later install the online store plugin to be able to sell your products. Depending on your needs, different payment and shipping methods can be selected to finalize the sale.

What is the best platform for creating online stores?

If you have decided to have your own online store, you have surely heard about platforms such as: WooCommerce, shopify, magento and prestashop, but which of these is the best option to start? We are more inclined towards WooCommerce, firstly because of the ease of integrating into the website, secondly because of the organic positioning that it can have and especially because in the long run the initial investment is lower and it has great customization and configuration capacity.

We recommend reading the following article for more information: WooCommerce: why is it the best option for online stores?

Why should you create an online store?

There are many reasons why you should have an online store. In the following article you will see the main reasons to have an online store . But mainly, the possibility of selling with an online store increases constantly thanks to the digital age in which we live.

I have a product that I would like to sell, but I don't know how to sell online?

At Phase One Design we provide you with complete advice on how to start your business online, from shipping methods, payment methods, digital advertising, optimization and website positioning.

We also have the possibility to create a business relationship with you. We have clients for whom we develop and manage their online store at a lower cost. We do this with the aim of being part of the project and helping them grow.

Once the online store is created, how complicated is it to manage it?

The platform we manage is very friendly and easy to use, but the reality is that creating an online store is only the beginning of a commitment to the website to achieve success. Many people believe that just having an online store is enough to start selling, but the reality is that it is very similar to establishing a physical business where it is necessary to invest in advertising to attract traffic to the store.

We can help you give that boost to your online store to start selling

Preguntas Agencia Marketing Digital

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