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Accessibility is made to ensure that the web pages are usable by the maximum number of people, regardless of their knowledge or personal abilities and regardless of the technical characteristics of the equipment used to access the Web.

Web analytics through the use of tools such as Google Analytics collects the greatest amount of information from the user who visits a website, as well as the exploration path and the actions carried out within it.

The correct interpretation of this information will lead us to implement changes in the design, structure, metadata, content and in marketing campaigns in order to achieve the desired optimization of the website.

These are the ads displayed in the search results for certain keywords. These will be located as featured results at the beginning and at the end of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and with a small notice saying “Ad”, which indicates that it is a sponsored link.

Anuncio Googleads Phase One Design

A banner is a form of Internet advertising that consists of including an advertising space within a web page.

More than 70% of the purchase processes that start in an online store are not finished, thus generating what we call abandoned carts. With cart recovery emails, a good part of these sales opportunities can be recovered, generating significant additional benefits for your business.

More and more users are waiting to find a chat on your website to communicate. In large part, because it will help them solve their doubts faster and in a more practical and comfortable way. It will help you to convert more and better, which in the end can greatly influence your sales.

Chat Integrado En Paginas Web
Embedded Chat in a website

In digital marketing, conversion is the moment in which a user carries out the key action that has been marked within the digital advertising strategy. All this within a specific business strategy. Said action can be a subscription, a registration, a download, reading content, completing a form etc … That is why the term “conversion” is used, it refers to the moment in which a common user “becomes” a subscriber, a client, a prospect, among others.

Today, having an email account under the name of our business is essential to give a professional image (

It is one of the bidding models within digital marketing campaigns where you only pay for each click on an ad regardless of whether a conversion is made or not. The acronym CPC abbreviates the concept of Cost per Click. This payment model is one of the cheapest and most widespread, being one of the most widely used.

Internet domain or extension is a unique name that identifies a website on the Internet. The main purpose of domain names on the Internet and the domain name system is to translate the IP addresses of each asset on the network, into memorizable and easy-to-find terms.
Examples of domains:


Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce or Internet commerce or online commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services through electronic means, such as social networks, online stores and other web pages.

It is the set of factors and elements related to user interaction with a specific environment or device, the result of which is the generation of a positive or negative perception of said service, product or device.

Facebook Ads is the sponsored ads platform of this social network. Facebook Ads has become a very valuable digital marketing tool for companies since it allows you to create campaigns even with tight budgets.

In Facebook Ads we can create text, image and video ads that will be shown in the News Section of users, that is, on their home page.

With Facebook Ads, you can promote Facebook pages, Facebook Event pages, websites and mobile applications.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  • Audience segmentation: Facebook Ads is the strongest point since it allows us to reach the sociodemographic user profile that matches our ideal client with our ad. And a community of more than 1,300 million active users.
  • Integration: Facebook advertising appears integrated within the rest of the content as if they were publications made by friends or the pages that the user follows.
  • Viralization: Facebook Ads work like posts, so they can be shared, commented on, and liked.
  • Analysis: the reports provided by the tool allow us to draw conclusions from the campaigns carried out.
Facebook Ad Examples
Example of Facebook Ad

Within online stores it is essential to have various forms of payment to facilitate the user the purchase process. Some of the most popular and secure forms of payment are through the use of payment gateways. These payment gateways offer the possibility of paying directly in the online store by credit / debit card, in self-service centers or in their own payment platforms.

Third-party payment gateways will always charge a commission for each transaction made in the online store of no more than 5% approximately.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool from the Google company. It offers grouped information of the traffic that reaches the websites according to the audience, the acquisition, the behavior and the conversions that are carried out on the website.

You can obtain reports such as the tracking of exclusive users, the performance of the user segment, the results of the different online marketing campaigns, sessions by traffic sources, bounce rates, session duration, content visited, conversions (for ecommerce), etc.

“What is not measured can not be improved”

Google Maps is a web map application server that offers scrollable map images, as well as satellite photos of the world and even the route between different locations or images at street level with Google Street View, real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic) and a route calculator on foot, by car, bicycle (beta) and public transport and a GPS navigator.

Having a location map of your business, office or company is of the utmost importance for the users who visit your website.

Google My Business is a free product from Google that allows your business or company to be shown when people (customers or prospects) search on Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps.
These are the features of Google My Business:

  • Company information. It shows contact information such as telephone, location (address, map and directions on how to get there), opening hours, link to the website, a brief description and photographs.
  • Qualification. Users can rate your business and comment on their experience.
  • You can share news, short texts, photos, links and videos with your followers.
  • You can respond to the opinions and doubts of your clients.
  • You can update your company information at any time, this way it will always be up to date.
  • Your business will appear in searches on any device, be it PC, mobile or tablet.
Ejemplo De Perfil En Google Mi Negocio

Think about the folders and files you store on your computer and how they are stored on your computer’s hard drive so that they are always accessible. A website is very similar to a text document: it needs a computer to store it on. The difference is that the computer where you save your website must always be on, if you want it to be available whenever you want to access it.

Unlike the computer that we can have at home, to serve a website we need a machine that is connected to the Internet through a network that has a wider bandwidth than typical domestic connections. And above all, that it is fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These machines or computers are what we know as web servers.

Therefore, we call hosting or web hosting the storage service provided by these servers. And web hosting providers offer that space to host your web pages and that can be available 24 hours a day and from anywhere in the world.

An Aberdeen Group study shows that a 1-second loading delay on the page causes a 7% decrease in conversion rates, a 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction, and 11% fewer page views.

Our High Speed Hosting service provides a direct Apache replacement that loads pages up to 20 times faster compared to standard hosting.

Why is our Hosting faster?

  • Fewer users per server.
  • More resources per user.
  • Uses less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Handle connections faster and more efficiently.
  • Provides improved stability

A landing page is a page on a website that is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads.

It allows you to obtain information from a visitor through a form for capturing sales opportunities. It’s where your prospects land after clicking links and marketing calls to action.

The Lead Capture Form is the place where prospects can fill in their information (like name, email address, etc.) so that you can direct them to the right sales and marketing funnels, and at best of the cases, turn them into clients.

Content marketing is a strategic approach, focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent information to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects, without having to sell them anything in the first place.

It is the marketing of non-disruption.

Instead of talking over and over about your products or services, you will be delivering information that will make your buyer make smarter decisions. The essence is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver valuable and consistent information to our buyers, ultimately they will reward us with their purchase and their loyalty.

Digital Marketing is the driving force that your business needs to stand out from the rest in the digital age that we live in.

Therefore, the main objective of a digital marketing campaign is to generate advertising strategies in the various media and internet channels, with amazing growth results.

The Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can mean lower prices and better ad positions.

  • You can view the Quality Score (on a scale of one to ten) and its components (expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience) in the “Keyword Analysis” field in your account.
  • The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, the more likely your Quality Scores will be higher.
  • The Quality Score is an overall estimate of overall performance in ad auctions, so it is not used during the auction to determine ad ranking.

The optimization of a website is essential to determine the success or failure of the same. Among the elements that should be considered for optimization are accessibility, usability, search engine visibility (SEO) and the total download speed of the page. By optimizing these points, we can significantly improve the user experience and the organic positioning of our website.

A website is a virtual place on the web that stores content for people to access, it’s that simple. It is made up of several documents that are arranged in an organized way to make it visually attractive, these documents are called web pages. Therefore, a website is the organized and structured compilation of a certain number of web pages.

The web pages that make up the site must be developed under a code called HTML and be hosted on a domain that, in simple words, will be the place that will make the website can be viewed in any type of web browser (hosting) .

A web page is part of a website and is a single file with an assigned file name, whereas a website is a collection of files called web pages.

If we compared it to a book, a website would be the entire book and a web page on that website would be a chapter in that book. The title of the book would be the domain name of the website. A chapter, like a web page, has a name that defines it. We say it would be a chapter and not a page of the book because it is often necessary to scroll down the screen to see all the content of a web page, just as in a book you scroll through several pages to see all the content of a chapter.

Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your ads to the terms that users are searching for.

If you sell frisbees, you can add “buy a frisbee” as a keyword in your Google Ads campaign. When people type “buy a frisbee” in Google Search, your ad could appear on the search results page. Also, your ad could appear on websites about the best frisbee.

When a customer searches for a term that matches your keyword, your ad can be entered into an auction to determine if it will show.

The cost of each keyword varies based on its quality, its competition in the auction, and other factors. Make sure your keywords and landing page are closely related to the terms that a customer might be searching for or that appear on the websites that a customer would visit.

To prevent your ad from showing in certain searches, you can add negative keywords.

Negative keywords ensure that your ad will show only to the audience you want, which can help you cut costs.

If you sell dog clothes, but your business doesn’t sell cat clothes, you can add “cat” as a negative keyword to ensure that your ad doesn’t show to users searching for cat clothes, but still targets the cat clothes. searches for “pet clothing.”

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to strategically position your ads for those audiences to see when they browse Google or its associated websites, thereby helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase.

Google Remarketing

Adaptive web design (also adaptive or responsive web design), is a design and development philosophy whose objective is to adapt the appearance of web pages to the device that is being used to visit them.

Today web pages are seen on a multitude of devices such as tablets, smartphones, e-books, laptops, PCs, etc. In addition, even within each type, each device has its specific characteristics: screen size, resolution, CPU power, operating system or memory capacity, among others. This technology intends that with a single web design, everything is seen correctly on any device.

Diseno Web Responsive Design

The concept of SEM (Seach Engine Marketing) refers to the promotion of a website in search engines through the use of paid ads through platforms such as Google Ads. And sometimes, this concept is extended to also refer to other types of advertising through these and other display and social media platforms, where it is usually paid based on the clicks that the ads generate.

Through this strategy, the objective is to give immediate visibility to our website, since from the moment we configure the campaigns and bid to exit, our ads have the possibility of appearing.

The concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the work of optimization and increasing the popularity of a website, with the aim that said site is crawlable by search engines, indexed correctly and sufficiently relevant for some or many of the pages are shown in the first positions of the search engines for certain search queries of the users.

Therefore, it is about being able to appear in the first results (ideally on the first page, and if possible, in the first five positions) of a search engine for a set of searches that interest us, but without having to pay a direct advertising cost for each visit, thanks to the fact that we are very relevant and / or popular. And it is that to respond to a search, the different search engines evaluate dozens or even hundreds of signals from all the websites, to determine which are the ones that best respond to said search, with the aim that users have the best experience possible and find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

A properly SEO-optimized website has a better chance of ranking in the top positions of organic results.

The sliders are web elements that are generally placed on the landing page, home or home and that consist of a slide show, which can be animated, be still images with text, videos, etc. as a mobile billboard.

An SSL certificate serves to provide security to the visitor of your web page, a way to tell your customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data.

The acronym SSL responds to the terms in English (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes your data travel in an integral and secure way, that is, the transmission of data between a server and web user, and in feedback, it is fully encrypted or encrypted.

The fact that the data travels encrypted, we mean that mathematical algorithms and a system of keys are used that are only identified between the person browsing and the server. By having a reliable SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, at that time we can ensure that no one can read its content. All this leads us to understand that the technology provided by an SSL certificate is the secure transmission of information over the internet, and thus confirm that the data is free from unwanted persons.

In order to use an SSL certificate, on your website, it is vitally important that the Internet server you have hired supports SSL.

Not long ago, the use of these certificates was limited to web pages that dealt with sensitive user data (banking or personal), such as customer areas or online stores with integrated payment on the same website.

Since July 2018, basically 2 things have changed:

  • Google takes into account if the web has an SSL certificate to improve its positioning in the results of its search engine.
  • Chrome, one of the most used browsers (which by the way is from Google), has added a notification that marks as “Not secure” those pages that do not have a certificate, which can increase the distrust of users to navigate through of that web.

Ssl Chrome

To avoid the mistrust of the users who visit your website and to improve the positioning in the search results, we highly recommend the use of a security certificate (SSL).

NOTE: If you invest in Google Ads and run recurring campaigns (it will improve the quality of your campaign, optimizing the budget)

The content subscription allows us to filter and receive information. We can select the pages that we find most interesting and in this way add them to a subscription manager that will inform us of all the new publications on those pages without having to go one by one, checking daily for news.

In short, subscribing to a website is receiving news, announcements, offers, articles, news, etc. in your email. About the company to which the website you have subscribed belongs.

An online store is a website that sells products or services and usually has a shopping cart associated with it. With the popularity of the Internet, there has been a rapid increase in online stores and online shopping has become an advantage for retail store owners. In these types of stores, people can buy from their homes achieving more power since they have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from and they do not need to walk long distances to get to other stores.

Being on the Internet you can sell products all over the world and, although international shipments can be made, it should be taken into account that these international shipments make returns and warranty claims difficult, increasing costs, except in the case of digital products. In addition, the customs services of each country may demand the payment of additional taxes at the time of dispatching or introducing the products to the respective country.

Web usability is the degree of ease of use that a web page has for visitors who enter and interact with it.

A website with good usability is one that allows users a simple, intuitive, pleasant and safe interaction.

WordPress is a content management system or CMS (for its acronym in English, Content Management System) focused on the creation of any type of web page. Originally it achieved great popularity in blogging, eventually becoming one of the main tools for creating commercial web pages.

27% of the websites in the world are developed in WordPress. And this platform allows you to make your website a blog, and at the same time, have an online store (WooCommerce), a corporate website and more. You have great opportunities here!

WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution and offers full control to both store owners and developers. With infinite flexibility and access to hundreds of free and paid WordPress extensions, WooCommerce currently manages 42% of all online stores – more than any other platform.

Woocommerce Es La Solución Por Excelencia Para Vender Online Sin Complicaciones.
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