Terms and Conditions

From this moment on Raúl Contreras Prado will be referred to as “PHASE ONE DESIGN” and the individual or legal entity that contracts the services offered by PHASE ONE DESIGN as the “CLIENT“, in the following document we number the rights and obligations of both parties.


The development of a project that includes: design, programming and publication, by PHASE ONE DESIGN that can be a website, e-commerce, or special project at the request of the CLIENT with the following clauses and guarantees:



  1. The corresponding payment for the services provided by PHASE ONE DESIGN will be expressed in the quote that covers the contracting of the service identified by a Quote ID and Issue Date.
  2. The installments will be 50% in advance and 50% at the complete completion of the agreed project.
  3. Each payment will be covered by the corresponding invoice issued by PHASE ONE DESIGN.
  4. PHASE ONE DESIGN has the right not to publish and / or cancel the services contracted by the CLIENT in case of not making the final payment corresponding to the services provided.
  5. The total cost of the contracted services will not vary during the development of the project, unless the client requests modifications or additional services that require more time and / or greater technical or financial resources from PHASE ONE DESIGN for its completion..


  1. The CUSTOMER may cancel the services contracted to PHASE ONE DESIGN during the first business day, after making the deposit for the advance, without any penalty, that is, PHASE ONE DESIGN is obliged to return the advance amount to 100%.
  2. The cancellation must be in writing and sent by email to hola@phaseonedesign.com.mx by the person in charge of the project.
  3. If the CLIENT cancels the services contracted to PHASE ONE DESIGN on a date after the first business day after making his deposit in advance, he will be penalized since the project has started based on the following table:
      – 2 days 25%
      – 3 days 50%
      – 4 days 75%
      – 5 days 100%


  1. Once the services have been contracted and the advance payment made, the CLIENT will have a maximum of 30 natural days to deliver 100% of the information to PHASE ONE DESIGN, in the event that the information is not received, PHASE ONE DESIGN will terminate the services contracted, notifying the CLIENT in writing without any obligation to return the corresponding advance.
  2. After 30 natural days of the advance payment, the hosting service and email (s) activated at the request of the CLIENT will be suspended by PHASE ONE DESIGN in case of not completing the project or not make the final payment of the project.
    1. As of business day 31, the client will be able to reactivate their hosting service, email and continue with the project, but the CLIENT must cover a 50% advance on the remaining final payment.
  3. The CLIENT declares that the material provided is not illegal and that it does not infringe the rights of third parties.


  1. The domain will be requested in writing by the CLIENT and linked to the hosting services provided by PHASE ONE DESIGN.
  2. The domain will be registered in the name of the CLIENT and its use will be exclusively his responsibility, PHASE ONE DESIGN will only be a technical, administrative and payment contact.
  3. The domain and hosting service will have a service period of 1 year from the activation date.
  4. At the end of the activation period, the CLIENT must pay for the renewal based on the prices of USD currency during the renewal period.
  5. In the event that the services are not renewed and that the domain activation period has expired, PHASE ONE DESIGN may use or offer the domain.
  6. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to request the website files and emails when they no longer wish to renew the hosting and domain services. After the expiration date, PHASE ONE DESIGN is not responsible for the loss of files stored in the hosting.
  7. The client may request the transfer of the domain at no cost only during the service period, after its expiration he must cover the re-activation costs based on the current prices.
  8. Regarding the domain transfer and hosting, PHASE ONE DESIGN will only provide the transfer code, the website files and the emails to the CLIENT. PHASE ONE DESIGN will support the migration process at a cost that will be notified in due course.
  9. PHASE ONE DESIGN reserves its right not to register domains if it considers that their use promotes discrimination, racism, defamation or any crime, in which case it will report to the corresponding authorities.
  10. In the event that the CLIENT has a hosting service and domain outside of PHASE ONE DESIGN, and wants only the design of the web page, 100% of the cost must be covered to proceed with its publication and provide the correct data access via FTP (username and password).


  1. The delivery time will be agreed upon when hiring the service and will be based on the delivery time of the information provided by the client, as well as the clarity of it.
  2. The delivery time may vary depending on the type of package or service contracted.

Last update: 31 de Enero de 2019