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Professional website design that will make you stand out from the competition.

Our designs and structures make users and potential buyers connect with you through a call, a message, a purchase, a subscription or a visit to your business.

At Phase One Design we are experts in the design of custom web pages. We meet standards of accessibility, usability and user experience to make your company or business website truly successful.

Web Design Process

Reunion Diseño de páginas Web

Project analysis

You must first define the desired objectives with the website. Each trade spin has its own specific niche that needs to be studied and analyzed to take a strategy to follow.

Contenido Diseño de páginas Web

Design and development

Our design and structure is designed to put the most relevant information and actions within the reach of users so that it can seduce them and thus achieve the desired action in the project.

Proyecto Diseño de páginas Web

Optimization and delivery

We give you a fast and secure website, tune-up completely ready to be viewed on any device and also that exceeds your expectations.

75% of users who judge the credibility of a company do so by the design of its website


Website design
that will lead you to success

Landing Page
Diseño de Landing Page

Landing Page


The main purpose of a Landing Page is to generate an action by the user within this website. It can be for example to make an online sale, a phone call from the web, a WhatsApp message, a contact message using a form, a subscription, etc.

We are going to achieve that by generating an engaging web page that has valuable content, showing the user just what they’re looking for within a single section.

A Landing Page is primarily intended to go hand in hand with an advertising campaign. At Phase One Design we also generate this type of web page as entry pages that can be scalable at any time.

Self-managing website
Diseño de página web autoadministrable

Self-managing website design


A self-managing web page is one with which you can have control of your content, such as adding a new product, a new service, a new client, a testimonial, a new informative section, a new property, etc.

The possibilities are endless and thanks to the fact that at Phase One Design we are experts in WordPress we give you the best self-managing website you can imagine along with training so you can manage your new website easily and safely.

Currently more than 35% of websites in the world are developed in WordPress. This platform allows you to make your website a blog, and at the same time, have an online store (WooCommerce), a corporate website, a property directory, a reservation system, a product catalog and much more. You have great opportunities here!

Online store
Creación de Tienda Online

Online Store


Currently there is a very significant increase in the use of e-commerce in the world, more and more banking and logistics companies are joining in support of the development of an online store. Previously it was more complicated due to the issue of payment gateway options and even more due to the issue of shipping companies to send products from one place to another.

Thanks to the rise of e-commerce there are all the necessary tools to be able to create a successful online store, the only thing missing is to have a good product or service that will make you succeed with your online store.

E-commerce is without a doubt your best option to start selling a product online since it does not require as much investment as it would be to have a physical store and, on the contrary, that investment can be used for a good advertising campaign for publicize your products online.

At Phase One Design we are experts in creating online stores that actually sell. Encourage yourself to do business with us!.

Other services
Optimización de Páginas Web

Website Optimization


Optimizing a website not only involves improving the visual aspect, there is a whole structure behind your website that can and should be improved to provide a better user experience. Examples of web optimization include:

  • Reduce loading times
  • Have a correct structure for SEO
  • Correct display for mobile devices
  • Have measurement tools
  • Fix bugs, update functions and have security

Front-end web development


We have a lot of experience developing websites from a graphic format design. Either develop a website from scratch following current programming standards or on platforms such as WordPress creating complete templates, plugins, shortcodes, etc.

We are web development providers for several companies that are in the digital marketing business, we do it so well that you will not notice the difference between graphic format and web development.


All of our web design plans include:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design on a website is the ability of the website to adapt its design and structure to the device where it is displayed, whether it's a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, desktop computer, etc. This feature is mandatory in all web page designs.

SEO Ready

SEO is the optimization for search engines. SEO is very important to position our website naturally without making payments at the top of search results under a term relevant to our website. We design web pages with correct structures and techniques to get ready and help the organic positioning of the website.

Free Hosting, Domain and SSL

When you hire a website design service at Phase One Design, we give you the domain (www.misitio.com), hosting (where website files and emails will be stored) and SSL (Security Certificate that serves to tell browsers that your website is secure) for the first year, then in the annual renewal we will only charge you the domain and hosting. SSL is always free in Phase One Design because it is a prime requirement on websites.

High Speed Hosting

The hosting we provide to our customers is high speed, with an average of 20 times faster than conventional hosting. This results in a much faster web page in terms of loading and usability. We use the best quality in our services.

Google Analytics integration

It is very important to have various tools that help us to enhance our website, one of them is Google Analytics that allows us to measure absolutely everything that happens on our website. All metrics such as most visited pages, terms by which they search our website, where our visits come from, etc. All of these metrics are very important for making decisions and establishing marketing strategies that help us improve our website.

Differents ways of contact

In our web page designs we seek that users generate an action within the website, that is why it is very important to put at the client's hand as many ways of communication so that the client can perform the action, some of the most used today are:

  • Direct links to phone calls.
  • Links to social networks.
  • Contact forms.
  • Integration of Google Maps to our business or office.
  • WhatsApp button.
  • Online chat.


All our website designs have the property of being scalable, that is, if you start for example with a Landing Page, at the same time it can transform into a self-managed website or even an online store without losing the current design or making very large changes. We can adapt special functions to websites according to your needs.


We offer Warranty on our website designs for 2 years. Whether it is not working properly or in terms of updating the functions with which the website was developed.

Diversos Metodos De Pago Diseño Web


Distance is not an excuse, for this reason we carry out projects worldwide and without borders, accepting multiple payment methods, whether they are cash payments, credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.


We design websites that exceed your expectations

Each web design project represents a challenge for us and we see it as a way to prove to ourselves that new things are learned every day thanks to the demands of our customers and their requirements.

Projects ranging from the creation of a website, the optimization of a website, the redesign or even the correction of errors are carried out with all the care and quality that distinguishes us.

Just as you trust Phase One Design, we thank you by giving you a website that completely exceeds your expectations along with exceptional service.


We design websites that exceed your expectations


Learn more about Website Design

Why should you have a website?

We live in a digital age in which we spend more than a third of our day's time looking at either a mobile device or a computer. The Internet has become the main commercial showcase and not having a website for your business is destining you to be forgotten. Many companies that were successful have declared bankruptcy because they never knew how or did not want to integrate into the digital change. For any company the Importance of having a website It should no longer be questionable and you should be thinking of strategies to improve your digital presence.

How good is it to have a website on Wordpress?

Very good, actually the implementation of websites on the Wordpress platform has increased exponentially. It has many benefits that will make your website rank quickly and free features that will save you time and money. But at the same time because of how “simple” it is to handle, many people make their websites with a pre-designed template or with an endless number of plugins, which in the end can lead your website to failure mainly due to optimization and SEO problems.
Without a doubt, Wordpress is an excellent platform, but even so, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of optimization, positioning, analytics and design.
At Phase One Design we are experts in handling Wordpress.

What is custom web design?

When we refer to custom web design we are talking about a website created completely to your needs. The content, design and structure will be made based on your objectives. All this in order to have a website that can be positioned in the main search results and that has the desired impact on users so that they generate an action such as a call, contact message, a subscription or a purchase.

What does web design include?

Normally the design of web pages begins with the statement of the objective, then the structure of the website and the design are generated. According to the desired objective for the web page, the design and content elements will be adapted so that there can be a good user experience.

Why do prices vary in web design?

Depending on the company where a quote is requested, prices will vary depending on the structure of the website, its functions, the prestige of the company and its experience. For example, a Landing Page that is a website that is practically small in content and structure does not have the same price as an Online Store, mainly because of the functions, the time it takes to develop it and the content.
Something very important to keep in mind is that no matter how simple the project is, there are elements that must be considered and added to the website for its optimal functioning. At Phase One Design each web design project starts from a base that includes all the essential elements for your website to have the success you expect.

What does it take to create a web page?

Technically speaking it requires a domain (www.myname.com) and a hosting that will serve to store the files of your website and the emails generated from that domain.

What is website optimization?

The optimization in the design of web pages corresponds to two important points that are the loading time at the moment a user enters your website and on the other hand the correct use of HTML tags and its content so that it has possibilities of appearing in the main search results.

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